Make a Donation

A lot of what I put on this site I offer free of charge. Yes, it’s partly as a way to market my chargeable services, but it’s also because I enjoy the feeling of sharing things that people might find helpful. I enjoy it even more when they get in touch to tell me it has been!

But if you’ve found something helpful and would like to offer something in return, please consider donating to one of the causes I support.

At the moment I’m supporting:

  • Moseley Alternative Giving Campaign. This one is close to my heart as it aims to help the people I see begging on the streets around where I live. People shouldn’t have to live like this.
  • Friends of the Earth. As far as I know, all my readers live on this same planet. Let’s look after it.
  • Amma Life. I know there are differences of opinion about policy and women’s reproductive health, but I hope we can all agree that helping mothers and babies survive childbirth is a good idea.