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The Christmas Post

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The title is in the spirit of ‘The Christmas Song’. Other blog posts about Christmas are available, but a gratuitous definite article always makes things look more purposeful when you’ve not yet thought of a better title. (I’m not – necessarily – saying this was the songwriter’s rationale, just sharing my own process.)

Anyway, just a quick note to say that as usual I’m not planning to post over the seasonal break. I shall be aiming to get myself some more time away from screens over the holiday, and am helping you do likewise by not posting anything you might want to read. If it turns out that you actually like a little escapism from all the people and excessive good cheer, you can always indulge in a little nostalgic browsing of the archives.

Or even sit down and read a book. That’s my go-to way of finding some actual peace at this time of year (as opposed to all the over-sociable forms of seasonal peace-and-goodwill). Or, weather permitting, go for a walk. The days are short in my home hemisphere, but if you catch the right moment to go out, you get a really good view of everyone else’s Christmas decorations through their windows at that moment when they’ve turned the lights on but not yet drawn the curtains.

However you choose to spend your holiday, I hope you get some time off for a rest (coming from a family with musicians, and now also clergy, in it, I know not to take that for granted), and that you get to spend some of that time off with the people that matter to you most in the world.

See you for more musical musings in 2019.

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