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availabilityJanuary is one of the points in the year when I seem to spend a lot of time responding to emails enquiring when I am available for coaching and workshop bookings. And I spend a lot of it living with a mild background anxiety that, once I've told various groups which dates are free, and they've gone back to consult with their members, they're all going to come back and ask for the same day.

The obvious solution to this, and one which it has only taken me 7 years to think of, is to publish which dates are possible so people can consult amongst themselves before getting in touch to book. At the least, this will save us all a cycle of email toing and froing, and at best it will prevent disappointment when somebody snaffles your preferred date first.

(Actually, it won't prevent that happening; it will just mean that you know it has happened before we start corresponding about it.)

I'll be displaying dates up to 9 months ahead, since that covers most queries. If you are especially forward-thinking and want to book a date further ahead than that, just drop me an email. And it's unusual to get clashes that far in advance. Do enquire about dates marked 'possibly' too - I should be able to give you an idea about when I'll know one way or the other. Or it might be that there are time/geographic constraints, so I could coach a quartet here, but wouldn't be able to get to a group at any significant distance.

If you find the calendar useful, then say thank you to Jonathan next time you see him. That goes for the whole website, actually. I am most fortunate to have his help and support - this website is just one of the most visible ways in which he empowers me to go out and do my stuff in the world.

You'll find the calendar just above 'contact' in the side menu.

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