Calling all Arrangers!

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It’s time to start the 2012-13 cycle of the Mutual Mentoring Scheme for Arrangers. For those who haven’t participated before (and indeed those who have but who want to refresh their memories of how it works) there’s an overview here.

The timescale for launching this year's cycle is as follows:

Please let me know by 30 September if you’d like to participate this year. I will then be in touch to introduce you to your partner by 14 October.

I've heard from several people during the year that they'd like to participate in the next cycle - please confirm, though, that you're definitely in. I wouldn't wish to assume either way! And likewise, for people who have participated in any of the previous cycles, let me know whether you're in or out for 2012-13.

I've also heard from several people that they have friends who might be interested - now is the moment to send this link to those friends!

I look forward to hearing from you over the next couple of weeks.

Sign me up!



Sure thing, Tony. Could you drop me a mail, though, with just a little bit about how much arranging you've done and any particular interests, to help guide who it would be good to pair you up with.


hi Liz;just signed up for Linked-in;am interested in the arranging seminars but can you let me know if too late to join or when and where it's happening;I am at Plymouth Pilgrimaires and currently am their music team leader and asst CD.yours in harmony,Trev V.

Hi Trev,
The annual cycle starts in Sept-Oct, so yes you've missed this year's. But I'll add you to the mailing list for 2013-14.


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