Sopebocks: On thuh Spelling Uv Kawdz

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soapboxEvvry sew offen I fined mice-elf in konvasayshun with uh felloh uhraynja hoo addvokaytz spelling kawdz inkorrecktlee two mayck singing lyenz eezya. I thinck bye thiss thay meen righting awl lyenz ryzing bye semmytohn with shahps anned awl fawling bye semmytohn with phlatz.

I rooteenlee trie anned tawk them owt uv thiss on thuh baysiss that it maycks thuh myoozick mutch hahda two reed four thohz hoo undastanned hahmunny. Ewe haff two stop anned puzzul owt wot awl thee individyoual nohtz ah anned tranzlayt that ennhahmonickly intwo uh kawd rahtha than chust reeding thuh myoozick. At bessed it sloes ewe up, at wurst it chaynjezz thuh meeningz.

Thuh difenss uv thuh pracktiss useyoually wresseds on thuh facked that their aunt mennie peepull ubbowt hoo kann reed kawdz. Wel, know. Awl thuh peepull hoo kann hav gonn sumwear ellss wear thay kann sing thuh myoosick withowt there ize bleeding. Anned awl thohz hoo mite lyeck two lurn hav thiss hyooj obstuckull in there pahth uv nonsensickle notayshun that duzzunt fitt wot thuh theerrie sez.

If ownlee their whir sumthing uh righta cood doo two giv uh sens uv hao frusstrayting it feelz two hav thiss kined uv unnessisserry extruh cognittiv wurk playssed in thuh path uv commyounickayshun. Two ann extent, wee fourgiv sumwun hoo spellz badlee beekuz thay doent no betta, az at leased thay ah trieing. Butt sumwun hoo didd that on perpuss: that wood chust bee unnoying, wooden tit?

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